Tuesday, May 10, 2005

NetFlix Movie: Kuch Naa Kaho - 5/05/2005

Kuch Naa Kaho is an Indian film straight out of Bollywood. Now if you are not familiar with Indians films let me give you a quick lesson. First off all Indian films are at least 3 hours long, and we are not talking about a War Epic or a Historical movie, I am talking about your everyday girly movie. Indian film-makers like to cover every detail possible - from the trouble man and giddy girl, to the actually meeting of the two where the girl always dislikes the boy, to them falling in love, to their wedding....Like I said every Indian movie is at LEAST 3 hours long. Its like watching a whole season of Sex and the city in one sitting. Also, all Indian movies must have many singing and dancing scenes, preferably in or near a water fountain. These dance/song parts are funny because they obviously lip-synch the entire performance and since every Indian movie I have ever seen has the lip-syning dance/song I am assuming noone minds. Oh and apparently, to be a true Indian movie you must have at least 40 scenes involving water. Water you say? Yeah Water...Like singing, playing, romancing, fighting in or near a water fountain or singing, playing, romancing, fighting in the rain. Now you might say this is just a coincidence... Yeah no its not. Watch a few Indian films and you will notice that for a scene to be dramatic it has to involve water.

Ok so about this movie, first off this movie like almost every other Indian film after 1996 stars the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, who was once Miss Universe. The movie focuses around the "playboy" bachelor Raj who lives in New York. Everything is great except the fact that he hasn't gotten married yet! When Raj visits India, his uncle blackmails him into agreeing to meet with eligible girls. But the person his uncle chooses as the matchmaker for these meetings is Namrata (Aishwarya Rai)....now fir the big twist! Raj falls in love with.....Namrata not any of the girls!

Yeah indian movies are predictable and a little cheesy but they are really a blast to watch...as long as you don't mind the sub-titles.

Kieran Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)