Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NetFlix Movie: Real Women Have Curves - 4/25/2005

We watched this semi-independent film Sunday night since Desperate Housewives wasn't on. Obviously this was my wife's choice, but I am glad we watched it. It was a heart warming tale about a chubby Mexican girl (Ana) who lived with her family in a poor section of L.A. She just graduated high school and wanted to be somebody, but her mother and environment was holding her down. The movie used her weight issues as a way for her to accept who she is and where she is from. In the end she went off to College, despite her mother wanting to her to stay home and work in the factory. She even got busy with a rich skinny white kid! Now if that isn't heart warming I don't know what is!

My favorite part of this movie was when they were in the factory sewing on a hot day. No Fan can be used because it would blow dust onto the clothes. Ana proceed to start a revolution against wearing clothes in a hot factory. This led to 4 very heavy set women stripping down to their underwear and comparing body flaws....oh yeah!

Kieran Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)


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