Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NetFlix Movie: Raging Bull - 4/25/2005

I was home alone Saturday night and was pumped to watch Raging Bull. This movie was made in 1980, starred Robert De Niro and was directed by Martin Scorsese. Bobby (as his friends call him) won the Oscar for his portrayal of tormented fighter Jake "Raging Bull" LaMatta.

I was completely let down watching this "classic". I can understand why Bobby got the Oscar however since his acting really stressed how troubled Jake was. The movie itself however jumped from one scene to another without much connection. After the movie I was left with a feeling that I didn't really know much more about Jake than the fact he was a nut case. In a movie about a boxer you would expect the fight scenes to stand out...They didn't. Raging Bull even had some nice Soprano type Mafia undertones but never really went anywhere with that either.

I would have to say there are two definite highlights to this movie. The first being how Joe Pesci had a great ass-kicking scene, like in Casino, he beat up a guy with a car door. You HAVE to love a guy who is 5'5' taking care of business like that. The second highlight(more like lowlight) of this movie is how they completely ignored the moral and legal issues with Jake leaving his wife for a 15 year old! Ummmm hello? The movie just kind of made it seem like it was no big deal...so basically you watch Jake seduce a 15 year old girl and next thing you know they get married and have babies.

In summary I learned the following about the famous boxer Jake LaMatta, he: was a wife beater & cheater, loved underage girls, beat up his own brother, was insanely jealous, was a complete ass to everyone, had a head as hard as a rock, did stand up comedy after he stopped fighting, took a dive in a fight so he could get a title shot and a raging racist/womanizer.

Kieran Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)


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